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Define mime types for common I2P file formats. Include the definitions in Debian packages. Provide a handler for the .su3 type, and possibly others.


To make reseeding and plugin installation easier when downloading with a browser, we need a mime type and handler for .su3 files.

While we are at it, after learning how to write the mime definition file, following the standard, we can add definitions for other common I2P file types. While less useful for files that aren't usually downloaded, such as the addressbook blockfile database (hostsdb.blockfile), these definitions will allow files to be better identified and iconified when using a graphical directory viewer such as "nautilus" on Ubuntu.

By standardizing the mime types, each router implementation may write handlers as appropriate, and the mime definition file may be shared by all implementations.


Write an XML source file following the standard and include it in Debian packages. The file is "debian/(package).sharedmimeinfo".

All I2P mime types will start with "application/x-i2p-", except for the jrobin rrd.

Handlers for these mime types are application-specific and will not be specified here.

We will also include the definitions with Jetty, and include them with the reseed software or instructions.


.blockfile application/x-i2p-blockfile

.config application/x-i2p-config

.dat application/x-i2p-privkey

.dat application/x-i2p-dht

=.dat application/x-i2p-routerinfo

.ht application/x-i2p-errorpage

.info application/x-i2p-routerinfo

.jrb application/x-jrobin-rrd

.su2 application/x-i2p-update

.su3 (generic) application/x-i2p-su3

.su3 (router update) application/x-i2p-su3-update

.su3 (plugin) application/x-i2p-su3-plugin

.su3 (reseed) application/x-i2p-su3-reseed

.su3 (news) application/x-i2p-su3-news

.su3 (blocklist) application/x-i2p-su3-blocklist

.sud application/x-i2p-update

.syndie application/x-i2p-syndie

=.txt.gz application/x-i2p-peerprofile

.xpi2p application/x-i2p-plugin


Not all file formats listed above are used by non-Java router implementations; some may not even be well-specified. However, documenting them here may enable cross-implementation consistency in the future.

Some file suffixes such as ".config", ".dat" and ".info" may overlap with other mime types. These may be disambiguated with additional data such as full file name, a file name pattern, or magic numbers. See the draft i2p.sharedmimeinfo file in the zzz.i2p thread for examples.

The important ones are the .su3 types, and those type have both a unique suffix and robust magic number definitions.


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