2.0 Beta 8 (Nov 2019)

  1. Design for Dynamic Themes/Contextual Identities
  2. Smart Landing Page
  3. Investigate adding a "new tab" application list
  4. HTTP Proxy Readiness indicator
  5. Application Dialog Boxes with Description of Applications
  6. Update/explain long-term product goals on web site
  7. Notify users that update is downloading Add a "Downloading I2P Browser update"
  8. Change the default Firefox profile directory to be I2BB-relative.
  9. Tests for .i2p whitelisting
  10. Tests for .i2p secure cookies
  11. Mark .i2p cookies as secure
  12. Besides enabling I2P features, there is also the on-going work of backporting and enabling enhancements from TBB, which sometimes require alteration to work with I2P. Highlights for this release:
    1. Enable media cache in memory
    2. Prevent speculative connect that violated FPI.
    3. Exclude ClearKey system
    4. Added a script to run all I2P Browser specific tests
    5. Remove localhost DNS lookup in nsProfileLock.cpp
    6. Disable libmdns
    7. Downgrades VP9 videos to VP8
    8. Reinstate the update.xml hash check
    9. Disable WebGL readPixel() for web content
    10. Prevent WebSocket DNS leak
    11. Disable installation of system addons
    12. Don't allow SSL key logging
    13. Clear when no referrer sent
    14. Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth
    15. Prevent potential proxy bypass cases.
    16. Don't allow enterprise policies in I2P Browser
    17. Disable pingsender executable
    18. Tests for browser preferences

3.0 Beta 9 (Dec 2019)

  1. Release using ESR 68, deprecate ESR 60
  2. Replace Tor/Firefox onboarding slideshow completely with something self-contained
  3. Move JSON-RPC and I2PControl to web extension, simplify I2Pbutton
  4. Protocol Handlers for Router Console and Mailto
  5. Dynamic Themes/Contextual Identities
  6. Donation Call-to-Action
  7. Smart Landing Page improvements

3.0 Beta 10 (Jan 2019)

  1. Research I2P Plugins Support
  2. Research Peer-to-Peer messaging support compatible with BiglyBT