Java Runtime Version 7 or higher. (Oracle, OpenJDK, or IcedTea Java Version 7 or 8 recommended, except Raspberry Pi: OpenJDK 9 for ARM, PowerPC: IBM Java SE 7 or 8)
Determine your installed Java version here or type java -version at your command prompt.

Windows: Java 8 is recommended. Java 9 or higher may not work.


Clean installs


Lataa tuo tiedosto ja suorita se.

Mac OS X

Lataa tuo tiedosto ja kaksoisnapsauta sitä (jos se toimii) tai kirjoita java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.45.jar pääteikkunassa asennusohjelman suorittamiseksi. Saatat ehkä kyetä valitsemaan hiiren kakkospainikkeella "Avaa Java".

Command line (headless) install:

Download the 0.9.45 OSX graphical installer file above and run java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.45.jar -console from the command line.
Mac OS X Native (Beta)

A drag-and-drop installer that includes a new I2P Launcher utility. Beta.

Double-click on the file, then drag and drop the launcher into your Applications folder.

Linux / BSD / Solaris

Download that file and double-click it (if that works) or type java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.45.jar in a terminal to run the installer. On some platforms you may be able to right-click and select "Open with Java".

Command line (headless) install:

Lataa graafinen asennusohjelma yläpuolelta ja suorita java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.45.jar -console komentoriviltä.
Requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. If you earlier installed I2P, unfortunately this release fixes some IPC issues which will force you to uninstall your current installation before installing this. Vähintään 512 megatavua RAM-muistia; 1 gigatavua suositeltu. The release and dev versions of the I2P APK are not compatible, as they are signed by zzz and meeh respectively. Uninstall one before installing the other.

I2P is now available as a Docker package from the Docker Hub. You may retrieve the image by running the 'docker pull' command.

docker pull meeh/i2p.i2p
Docker Hub

Alternately, you can fetch the source from monotone or via Git from git.repo.i2p or Github.
Run (tar xjvf i2psource_0.9.45.tar.bz2 ; cd i2p-0.9.45 ; ant pkg) then either run the GUI installer or headless install as above.

Android source is in monotone and on Github. Android builds require the I2P source. See the documentation in the Android source for additional build requirements and instructions.

The files are signed by zzz, whose key is here. The Windows installer is signed by zlatinb, whose key is here. The Mac OS X native installer is signed by mikalv (meeh) with his Apple Developer ID certificate, whose key is here.

Päivitykset aiemmista julkaisuista:

Sekä automaattiset että manuaaliset päivitykset ovat saatavilla julkaisulle.

Automaattiset päivitykset

If you are running 0.7.5 or later, your router should detect the new release. To upgrade simply click the 'Download Update' button on your router console when it appears.

Since 0.9.23, some releases are signed by str4d, whose signing key has been in the router since 0.9.9. Routers older than 0.9.9 will fail to verify update files signed by str4d, and will need to be manually updated using the process below.

  1. Download that file to your I2P installation directory and rename as i2pupdate.zip. (alternately, you can get the source as above and run "ant updater", then copy the resulting i2pupdate.zip to your I2P installation directory). You do NOT need to unzip that file.
  2. Napsauta "Käynnistä uudelleen"
  3. Grab a cup of coffee and come back in 11 minutes
The file is signed by zzz, whose key is here.

Edelliset julkaisut

Previous releases are available on Google Code and Launchpad and within the I2P network on echelon.i2p.xyz.