While we always gratefully accept any contributions of code, documentation, and the like, there are other ways to help I2P move forward. As with any open source project, our goals would be achieved more rapidly if we were able to support all of our contributors to work on I2P full time. However, as with any open source project, that's not a possibility. Instead, we are making use of a bounty system, whereby anyone can get support for working on something that people want implemented, and people who want to contribute to I2P can be assured that their support goes to what they care about.

We are also keeping open the ability for people who want to support I2P but don't have strong feelings about the bounties available. Those people can simply put their trust in the I2P team to do what we feel is best by donating to a catch-all general fund that will be used as deemed necessary - allocated to various bounties, covering incidentals (hosting, etc), and the like.

Claimed bounties



Dev team*

I2P package in Debian and Ubuntu mirrors

Claimed by mhatta for 148 €


Make I2P IPv6 native

Claimed by I2P dev team for €100 EUR and 50BTC


Setting up a SILC server

withdrawn and bounty divided between ReturningNovice and the general fund

An Anonymous Secret Society, society@mail.i2p

Arabic translation

both parts were taken by hamada for 100 BTC


Datastore over I2P

CLAIMED for 700 €

duck, smeghead

Russian translation

claimed for $230 USD sponsored by russian sponsor


Swarming file transfer

CLAIMED for €250 EUR

duck, ragnarok, dinoman, connelly, drwoo

Streaming library window size

Claimed (archived link)


IRC connect time monitor



Unit tests (part 1)

CLAIMED for $300 USD


GCJ support



* Dev lists anyone who may already be working on the bounty - collaboration is preferred, so if you're interested in working on it, please contact one of the people listed!